A learning and experience platform helping individuals and teams find support and inspiration while working to achieve goals.

Planable is a SaaS product that offers a learning and experience platform designed to empower individuals and teams in achieving their goals through personalized learning and shared experiences. With its cutting-edge technology, Planable provides a unique approach to education that is both engaging and effective.


Planable is a Connectus company.

With the rise of remote work and online learning, the demand for innovative learning solutions has never been higher.

Connectus (Connectus Holdings, Inc.) is an innovative platform for workforce productivity including managing technology.  Connectus specializes in the development and sale of cloud-based (SaaS)* products and services. Connectus provides support including product development, marketing, communications, talent management, technical and customer support for companies integrated into the Connectus system.  Connectus offers companies access to services and operational efficiencies often out-of-reach and difficult to manage.

Connectus is a distributed team of engineers, designers and marketing professionals in the United States, Ireland, Pakistan, India, Argentina and other countries. 

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